What is MyPrivacy?

We believe privacy should be made easy to maintain. MyPrivacy is a suite of privacy products that were designed to help you easily maintain your digital privacy. With MyPrivacy, you can hide your personal information from unauthorized parties. Each product you can find in MyPrivacy is designed to help you maintain a different aspect of your digital privacy, in a very easy and simple way.

How can you help me keep my privacy?

Each product you can find in MyPrivacy is designed to help you maintain a different aspect of your digital privacy.

MyPermissions – helps you better understand who has access to your personal information on social networks. With MyPermissions, you can also easily disconnect undesired apps & services.

MyVPN – helps you hide your location and WiFi connection from eavesdropping and hackers.

MyApplock (Android) – helps you hide app-specific data from prying-eyes around you. Use it to keep your newsfeeds, chats, and other personal data private.

MyVault – hide sensitive photos, videos, files, notes, and contacts in a secure vault. Makes sure that your secrets remain secret as long as you choose so.

MyPasswords – keep all your passwords on file, handy to use, hard to guess.

MyBrowser – helps you hide your online activity & behavior from websites and search engines. No trackers, no ads, no history saved, and no cookies. 100% private browsing.

Do you collect or use my data in any way?

No, we do not. We do not collect, or use, your data in any way. We believe your private data is yours and we have no interest whatsoever in using your data.

Do you share or sell my data to any 3rd party?

No! Absolutely not. We do not sell, share, or make your personal information available in any other way to anyone.

How do you make money?

While some of the products in MyPrivacy are free to use, other products will only be offered to premium subscribers. In this day and age, if you are not the customer, you are the product. Free websites, apps, and services usually adopt business models that place them in a conflict of interest with their customers and users. Not us. We believe in a transparent transaction – the only thing we sell is our product to you, our customers. Nothing else.

Why do I need to enter a recovery email?

MyPrivacy requires setting up a key – like pattern-based code, PIN code, or fingerprint – in order to protect your private information. In case you forget this key, there is no way for us to help you recover your key unless you set up a recovery email.

What is your relationship with MyPermissions?

MyPermissions Privacy Cleaner was the first product we developed and offered to the public. Based on lessons learned from Privacy Cleaner, we decided to build MyPrivacy. MyPrivacy is the culmination of many ideas, insights, and implementations of those lessons in a single mobile app. It’s the same trusted and beloved company, with a new product.

Is MyPrivacy for me? Do I have to be a privacy expert to use it?

MyPrivacy is for everyone, no matter how tech literate. No matter if you are an expert in handling modern technology or can hardly operate a TV remote control, MyPrivacy was designed to help regular people maintain their privacy in an easy way.

How do I recover my password?

Recovering your password can only be done if you have already set a recovery email before. If MyPrivacy will notice you have trouble logging into your account, it will suggest sending a recovery email to help you regain access to your personal information.

Can I recover my password if I didn’t enter a recovery email?

No, we’re afraid not. In order to protect the privacy of our users and customers, you cannot recover your password if you haven’t set a recovery email first. Otherwise, it means potentially malicious parties may exploit this recovery flow to get access to your most sensitive and private secrets.

I locked myself out of the app and I haven’t set a recovery email, can you help?

Unfortunately, no. The recovery mechanism was designed in this way to respect the privacy and security of our users’ data and privacy.

How are you any different than other apps?

Many of the apps you can find on Google Play and App Store are either very easy to use or very respectful of your privacy. Hardly never these apps do both. The apparently-friendly apps have conflicting interests with their users, and usually, end up collecting and likely selling their users data to advertisers, hackers, or other potentially harming parties. On the other hand, apps that respect the privacy of their users are usually designed for expert and aren’t as easy to use. They were not designed to be used by the common user. The few apps that do both – respect privacy and designed to be easy to use – do not offer a complete set of tools to protect your digital privacy.

Couldn’t find the help I was looking for. What can I do?

Oh, sorry about that! We strive to offer you the best service possible. If you didn’t find what you were looking for, please reach out by emailing us at feedback@mypermissions.com. We read every email and every request and usually reply very quickly.

I am a MyPermissions Premium subscriber, what will happen to my subscription?

MyPermissions is still an integral part of MyPrivacy. While we are transitioning to an updated premium plan, we will be respectful of our existing subscribers and will make sure to make it worthwhile for you to continue to use our products and services in the future.